Stuck at database migration when newly installing GitLab

When deploying the GitLab on my cloudserver following the official steps, I got stuck on

Recipe: gitlab::database_migrations
  * ruby_block[check remote PG version] action nothing (skipped due to action :nothing)
  * rails_migration[gitlab-rails] action run[2023-12-08T15:15:06+08:00] WARN: gitlab-rails does not have a log_group or default logdir mode defined. Setting to 0700.

    * bash_hide_env[migrate gitlab-rails database] action run

I checked the server’s resources and found the disk usage is extremely high around 100MB/s writing speed, continuously, and CPU is also working at 10~15%. This happened several times and it made me extremely frustrated. Should I be using docker or something similar?

If you could help me troubleshoot this problem I would appreciate! If you need any logs please tell, and I will try my best to share them. The system is Ubuntu jammy.

Is your problem solved?

i ran into the same problem just now

im trying to install gitlab server as docker instance on ubuntu (using gitlab/gitlab-ee:16.5.8-ee.0)

Same problem with a brand new RHEL 8.9 instance and gitlab-ee-16.8.3-ee.0.el8.x86_64.rpm.

Initial gitlab-ctl reconfigure stalls at gitlab: database_migrations recipe. I am not reusing any prior data. Brand new install.