Stuck at database migration when newly installing GitLab

When deploying the GitLab on my cloudserver following the official steps, I got stuck on

Recipe: gitlab::database_migrations
  * ruby_block[check remote PG version] action nothing (skipped due to action :nothing)
  * rails_migration[gitlab-rails] action run[2023-12-08T15:15:06+08:00] WARN: gitlab-rails does not have a log_group or default logdir mode defined. Setting to 0700.

    * bash_hide_env[migrate gitlab-rails database] action run

I checked the server’s resources and found the disk usage is extremely high around 100MB/s writing speed, continuously, and CPU is also working at 10~15%. This happened several times and it made me extremely frustrated. Should I be using docker or something similar?

If you could help me troubleshoot this problem I would appreciate! If you need any logs please tell, and I will try my best to share them. The system is Ubuntu jammy.

Is your problem solved?

i ran into the same problem just now

im trying to install gitlab server as docker instance on ubuntu (using gitlab/gitlab-ee:16.5.8-ee.0)

Same problem with a brand new RHEL 8.9 instance and gitlab-ee-16.8.3-ee.0.el8.x86_64.rpm.

Initial gitlab-ctl reconfigure stalls at gitlab: database_migrations recipe. I am not reusing any prior data. Brand new install.

Same problem on my side.
Brand new instance, Ubuntu 20.04
Tried to install it like described here: Download and install GitLab | GitLab

Hello, same problem, trying to install on an AWS instance under Ubuntu:

any solution yet ? thank you for your support

Same problem here. Anyone able to find a solution to this?

What are the instance configurations in terms of cpu/ram? I would expect the problem is the instance being used, either lack of CPU/ram or lack of IOPS for the disk.

My instance has a poor configuration. I gave up the idea of deploying it on this instance.
2GB RAM, 2 cores

Not enough, instance of Gitlab needs at least 4vcpu and 8gb ram - this is mentioned in the docs. You can get away with less if you follow the Gitlab docs for reducing the memory usage by using the memory constrained documentation. That would require you to configure gitlab.rb appropriately before running the initial reconfigure to get Gitlab working. See: Running GitLab in a memory-constrained environment | GitLab for more info.

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