Successfully published artifacts no visible in target

I’m using grade 7.3 in my Java app. I made a project for holding maven artifacts and I believe the ‘publish’ step succeeds

Publishing to repository 'jpsgcs' (
Uploading jpsgcs-3.3.2-1.jar to /api/v4/projects/34294364/packages/maven/jpsgcs/jpsgcs/3.3.2-1/jpsgcs-3.3.2-1.jar
Uploading jpsgcs-3.3.2-1.pom to /api/v4/projects/34294364/packages/maven/jpsgcs/jpsgcs/3.3.2-1/jpsgcs-3.3.2-1.pom
Uploading jpsgcs-3.3.2-1.module to /api/v4/projects/34294364/packages/maven/jpsgcs/jpsgcs/3.3.2-1/jpsgcs-3.3.2-1.module
Uploading maven-metadata.xml to /api/v4/projects/34294364/packages/maven/jpsgcs/jpsgcs/maven-metadata.xml
:publishMavenPublicationToJpsgcsRepository (Thread[Execution worker for ':' Thread 2,5,main]) completed. Took 17.256 secs.
:publish (Thread[Execution worker for ':' Thread 2,5,main]) started.

but the target project (34294364) does not have any packages that I can see
What am I missing?! Thanks