Synchronizing the github projects to a imported project in gitlab

I have imported a github projec to the gitlab. After all while, I want to get changes made in github to the new imported project in gitlab.(keeping my changes as it is).

Basically looking for a synchronize the github to gitlab on frequent basis. Any idea is the feature is supported currently?.

the merge request supposed to list all projects but it’s listing only selected project I am in. also the import is working only one time only for a repo.


Yes you can use this: Repository mirroring | GitLab

The only thing, with a free account means push mirroring. That means you need to use Gitlab for all your commits, and it would push to Github. Pull mirroring, so from Github to Gitlab is only in paid versions.

So, if you make a commit to your repo on Gitlab, it would then automatically be pushed to Github.