Synology + Docker GitLab "Localhost" issues


I am attempting to set up GitLab CI on a Synology NAS (DS918+) via the Docker method, and I’m running into two seemingly related issues:

  1. If I click on the “Issues” button, the page comes up. However, if I try to create a new issue for a given repo, it takes me to this webpage:

http://localhost:30000/<my project name>/<my repo name>/issues/new

  1. We’re trying to use GitKraken as a client. It can connect to the repo fine, except I can’t clone a repo. From the Mac client it says

Clone Failed <Target path>/<Project Name> failed to connect to localhost: Connection refused

Both of these issues mention something related to localhost. I’ve looked at the config files on the NAS but can’t see any reference that seems to be related.

Anyone have any ideas?