Table Of Contents (TOC) in Org mode

Gitlab has support for Org mode format.
And these files are rendered fine: and simple example.

When exporting an org-mode file in Emacs with command org-export-dispatch, a Table of Contents is automatically generated by default.

Here is an example of a simple org-mode file in Emacs:

When exporting that file to HTML, the result is the following:

Whereas, if that same org-mode file is rendered in Gitlab, the result is:

Which does not show the Table of Contents…

Is it possible that Gitlab can render the Table of Contents?
Maybe @axil or @toon can bring some light on this…
Best Regards.

It seems this is not currently possible. Check:
Emacs org docs heading anchor links (#15405) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

Tried a different approach with toc-org package in Emacs.
It generates a table of contents (TOC) which is rendered in Gitlab.
Though clicking on the TOC links does not work.

Check in: org-mode-testing