TeamCity Integration service

I just tried the teamcity integration service.
It seems like it is triggering builds, not just watching the builds - can I change that behaviour?

As currently we get duplicated builds, which seems unnecessary as it would be sufficient if gitlab would just read the status information of the builds.
it trigggers too many builds - after a merge, it would trigger a build on master and on the branch but for the same revision, e.g.:

master         #f7b43e4ff871…691dea203e2c      Tests passed: 543, ignored: 17  20 minutes ago (5m:43s)
featu…inkBug   #f7b43e4ff871…691dea203e2c      Tests passed: 543, ignored: 17  44 minutes ago (10m:15s)

A more detailed documentation on this service (as asked for in TeamCity Integration) would be useful, also the merge of very much appreciated :smile: - I also would be happy to help with something in that area.


I saw in the source of the teamcity service this block:

# == Schema Information
# Table name: services
#  id                    :integer          not null, primary key
#  type                  :string(255)
#  title                 :string(255)
#  project_id            :integer
#  created_at            :datetime
#  updated_at            :datetime
#  active                :boolean          default(FALSE), not null
#  properties            :text
#  template              :boolean          default(FALSE)
#  push_events           :boolean          default(TRUE)
#  issues_events         :boolean          default(TRUE)
#  merge_requests_events :boolean          default(TRUE)
#  tag_push_events       :boolean          default(TRUE)
#  note_events           :boolean          default(TRUE), not null

Is this maybe a hit for the place (services table) where I could diable the plugin to trigger builds as a effect of some events?


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So, I gave it a try and turn out it works as expected.
One can disable the trigger of teamcity builds by setting the _evets column value to “false”.

Would be really nice to have it similar to the HipChat server as controls in the service interface.

Did you have to run anything afterward or restart the gitlab service? I have disabled merge_requests_events, but I am still getting duplicate builds started for the old branch and the branch it was merged into.