Tester crash in runner not trigerring Windows Error Reporting


I have set up a part of the Gitlab-CI continuous integration system of my company. We run builds and tests on all platforms nightly. I managed to print the stacktrace in case of a crashing process for Linux and MacOS (with GDB and LLDB respectively). I’m trying to do it aswell for Windows (shell runner). I’m auto generating a coredump in %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDumps if my tester crashs. I use Windows Error Reporting to do this, and I have enabled it with a registry key. The generation of the coredumps works both locally and when the tester is executed remotely, via ssh.

However, this does not work when the tester is launched by a Gitlab-CI job. The folder related to the CrashDumps remains empty after a crash… The %LOCALAPPDATA% variable is correctly expanded in my CI script, and my runner is ran as the same user account where I tested locally.
Can I have some information about how the runner interacts with the registry? This could help me to figure out why the coredumps are not generated.