Testing .yml file locally

as I’m new to creating .yml files for continuous integration, I’d like to make changes to it locally and ensuring it works smoothly before pushing it to Gitlab.

Yet, all the info I found say that the CI is only triggered by a change to the remote Gitlab repository. Not even running a runner locally seems to be enough: it connects to the remote coordinator.

The only possibility seems to have a local coordinator… has anyone more experience with it?

Thank you in advance

There’s an issue open for part of your requirement, validating GitLab CI YAML files. You can use the online GitLab CI YAML linter for now.

Currently, you can either create a private repo (e.g., a copy of the reference repo) to test the changes, or set up GitLab yourself in case you’re using GitLab.com.

What about running gitlab runner locally? I want to test execution of this yml file without committing anything to the repo at all.

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