Tests disappeared


I set up a pipeline that generates jUnit XML test reports and, at the time of running, everything parsed without an issue. I even kept a screenshot showing my tests that passed:

I recently came back to the job and discovered that those tests are now missing (but the testLog.XML is still in the artifacts). Is there a reason why the tests are now missing half a year later?

Here is the pipeline:

The job is called program_device and, as you can see, no tests exist anymore:

My merge request even reports that the tests passed:

But click “View Report” takes you to “0” tests.


@amahpour - Thanks for the post!

We changed the way the data for the Unit Test report is retrieved in the past few milestones to improve performance of the page. It looks like this MR/Pipeline ran before that. Re-running the job should result in the data being restored.

I hope this helps!

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing