Tests on CI pass with local gitlab-runner, but not on gitlab.com


Pipelines of one of my small project fail on Gitlab CI but they pass when I run them locally with gitlab-runner.

Repo: random_picture

Pipeline 1 and related code branch
Pipeline 2 and related code branch

In first case I get that jest is not finding any tests, running ls -lah on Gitlab shows that files do exist. When running locally with gitlab-runner exec docker testing_testing everything passes like it should. When I push it to Gitlab everything fails.

In second case I get syntax error in Gitlab. But again, everything works when I run command locally or inside local gitlab-runner with gitlab-runner exec docker test.

I don’t have any environment variables set for project.

I can’t figure out why it works with local gitlab-runner but fails on Gitlab.com shared runners :frowning: Shouldn’t they be the same?