Triggering a pipeline with file variables via REST API


following the docs I’m trying to trigger a pipeline with some variables. Some of them are key-value pairs, while others are file types.

I build an array of variables and execute an API call like so

parameters = dict(model_input_rel_path='../input/16T_rel_slotted.json',
                  peak_field = 15,
                  L_mag = 0.1,
                  R_EE = 1,
                  full_output =  True)
input_files = {"input_file": "test"}

variables = [{'key': 'NOTEBOOK_PATH', 'value': 'demo/thermal/MIITs.ipynb'},
             {'key': 'NOTEBOOK_OUT_PATH', 'value': 'demo/thermal/MIITs_out.ipynb'},
             {'key': 'HTML_OUT_PATH', 'value': 'demo/thermal/MIITs_out.html'},
             {'key': 'parameters', 'variable_type': 'file', 'value': json.dumps(parameters)},
             {'key': 'input_files', 'variable_type': 'file', 'value': json.dumps(input_files)},
rsp ='',
                    json={'token': '', 'ref': 'gitlab_execute', 'variables': variables})

In response I got 400 error: '{"error":"variables is invalid"}'.

My requirement is to pass a dynamic dictionary for parameters and input_files. What am I missing here?

Thank you in advance for any help you may offer!

Hi @chart-magnum

My guess would be that the values from the file type variables are sent as JSONs, where GitLab is really expecting just strings that look like JSON.
You are sending something like HTML_OUT_PATH='demo/thermal/MIITs_out.html', parameters={"input_file": "test"} where GitLab is expecting HTML_OUT_PATH='demo/thermal/MIITs_out.html', parameters='{"input_file": "test"}'. See the quotes around the JSON?