Trouble with cobertura visualization on Android

Hi everyone! I’m getting some troubles with cobertura visualization on MR.
I’m using a self-managed gitlab13.8.4-ee, on a VM: ubuntu20.04, using dockers containers running on that VM. Host> MBP with OSX 16’: Catalina.

I have a very simple pipeline, it passed without problem, all good with that.

But… When I try to visualize the coverage in the MR [[Test Coverage Visualization | GitLab]] It just don’t happen.

I will append my gradle + gitlab-ci.yml.

.gitlab-ci.yml, that python script translates the coverage report to cobertura…


My project structure is standard, I’m just messing around with a dummie Android App.

Finally I this is part of the python script output, cobertura.xml, i was reading about something related with paths and relative paths… but I can figure the solution tbh.

Please let me know if I am missing some data.

I will appreciate any help in advance! Thank you!

UP! Right now I have the Gitlab Server on Google Cloud if anyone wants to check it feel free to reach me to send you the ip address.

It works!!! Im so happy!!! I will edit the OP with some points of interest to take in account in order to get this feature on an ANDROID PROJECT it seems like the docs are a little bit unclear. Meanwhile feel free to hit me with a DM on my LinkedIn if you need some help in a DevOps for Android of a NON-PROFIT/Educational project My LinkedIn. I will write a hands-on guide to get your gitlab project (in the cloud) up and running with instrumentation test on a Android Device (physical or emulated) because I just found similar posts running instrumentation test on Android Docker images (Doesn’t fit with our requirements)

Thanks to Mr J. Heimbuck contributions and posts that allow me to spot the issue: Gitlab-Visualization Thread and Similar issue

@macandres so glad to see you got it working!

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing