Two docker pipelines is not running concurrently through GitLab kubernetes runner

Hi Team,
I am facing issues while running two docker pipelines concurrently with GitLab Kubernetes executor.
I have 2 pipelines, one is building Rstudio image and another is Jupyter image.

When I start both the pipelines at the same time, the first one started running and other is waiting in the queue and it will start only when all the jobs in first pipeline completed.

I have used concurrent value as 30 as below and my one pipeline have only 3 jobs.
checkInterval: 30
concurrent: 30
Request team to please respond on the query above. Do let me know in case of any additional details required.


Hi - Any update on this issue?
I am unable to run 2 GitLab CICD pipelines simultaneously thorugh Gitlab Kubernetes runner. Once one pipeline finished then only 2nd pipelines starts which was waiting in the queue.
any leads highly appreciated.