Two runners on different hosts for one project


I am trying to have 2 runners on different machines set up for the same project for our production environment. Both runners are successfully registered but it looks like only one of them will pick up the job. There is no pattern which of the 2 runners will pick up, its random… So I assume the first runner to see the job will pick it up while the other will ignore it.

Both runners share the same tag ‘production’ and are limited to the branch ‘production’ with the ‘only’ keyword in the .gitlab-ci.yml file:

  stage: deploy
  - some magic
  - production
  - production

Is there a way to have both runners pick up the same job?

Thanks in advance,

No one is replying so maybe I am approaching this wrong? My goal is to deploy the same build to both production machines that share the load behind a load balancer. Is there another/preferred way to achieve this?