Unable to access projects dashboard in the new interface

Hi! Today I’ve discovered that the fox logo in top left corner no more leads to https://gitlab.com/dashboard/projects, instead it takes user to https://gitlab.com/, which in in turn redirects to https://about.gitlab.com/.
This isn’t as big on an issue in old interface, as you can still find that in the hamburger button just on the right side of the logo. But in the new interface I was not able to access the dashboard anymore. Am I missing something?

Edit: actually, I think that it may be just that the redirect at https://gitlab.com/ failed to detect me being logged in and returned the landing page instead

Edit 2: I think I know what it was! Earlier today I’ve got a session update prompt. It asked to enter the credentials once again, but not the 2FA token. Now, after staring a completely new session (logging out) this issue disappeared completely. My guess would be that the cookie was not recognized by whatever logic handles redirects at the root domain and it just assumed I wasn’t logged in

Same here

I mean, should I file a bug report or something?

Today it works properly. At least for me. It didn’t before.