Unable to add custom domains to new repository after deleting previous one

Hello lovely people,

I recently created a gitlab repository where I deployed a react page to gitlab pages. I added a custom domain (rust.faith, www.rust.faith and beta.rust.faith) to that project and everything worked as expected. However, after I deleted that repository and created a new one, I am now unable to add these custom domains. I receive an error message stating “Domain has already been taken”, but the previous repositories have been deleted successfully. I have contacted Gitlab support, but as I am using the free version, they were unable to assist me. I am unsure of how to proceed and would greatly appreciate any help resolving this issue.

Link to new repository: FaithInRust / Website · GitLab

Kind regards!

Any updates? I have the same problem. :melting_face:
And it seems like it’s a long-standing issue: GitLab Pages - domain still 'taken' after repository deletion