Unable to call a phone number

I’ve just installed the application and set up a SIP account. I receive calls and can call the numbers in the history by double-clicking on them. That’s work.

On the other hand, I can’t dial at all a new number. I enter the desired number in the “find a contact, call or send a message” bar, but only the “Add this contact” action appears. Impossible to call it! Even if I add the code +33 before the number, it’s impossible.

And when I click on “Add” the contact, it’s impossible to save the number in a “phone number” field. Only surnames, first names, etc. and SIP numbers are available.

The software doesn’t allow you to make calls other than by calling back from the history???

Hi, and welcome to the GitLab community.

I’m not sure which application you are referring to. GitLab does not provide the option to set up a SIP account. Maybe you have found this forum option on a self-managed GitLab instance of an Open Source project? If yes, suggest reviewing their support/community channels and ask your question there. Thanks.



Yes indeed, the software had a link to GitLab, but I was probably mistaken. Feel free to delete my useless message. Sorry about that.

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No worries. I just wanted to make sure you feel welcome, and get the right directions. :slight_smile:

try calling to different phone number to see if the issue is specific to that certain number.