Unable to get file created in ci pipeline

Hello ,

I am creating one file in one of the job of gitlab ci pipeline but I am note sure how would i access that
so could you please let me know how to get that file.

I believe the item your looking for would be the artifacts declaration. By declaring artifacts you can both move files between steps and stages, and artifacts are made downloadable in the pipeline screen.


I wanted know the full path where the file created from gitlab job exist. actually i need to access it in somewhere else.
@jeymz could you please help

I’m not sure where they are stored on disk, I’ve never really investigated it but there are some details regarding downloading them programmatically here that could be helpful. I was thinking about doing something similar with my SAST findings. I think you could probably trigger this with an API call to a separate service after the pipeline is complete that would trigger the download for that pipeline to get the artifacts. Hope this helps, sorry I couldn’t be or more assistance.

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