Unable to GET /merge_requests that depend on other MR/s

Hello GitLab Community!

I am currently working on a script that is executed when running a pipeline on a schedule. I am using the ruby-gem gitlab to communicate via the GitLab API (on-premise). The docs have been helpful so far, but I am struggling with one last problem: Merge requests that depend on other MRs won’t get considered by the script. The following “rules” are applied:

  • labels: [some_label]
  • state: opened
  • created_before: 1.day.ago
  • wip: no

After this first round of separation, I’m checking whether the last_commit_at > 1.day.ago and whether the pipeline succeeded.

This all works fine, but when a Merge Request depends on another Merge Request being merged, it will not consider the MR. How can I also consider these merge requests?

Thanks for the help!