Unable to login to GitLab with SSO


We’ve been contacted by one of our users who wants to use the in2p3 GitLab site. The user attempts to login with SSO and receives the following error message:

using CC-IN2P3 Single Sign On auth failed

Username must not start or end with a special character and must not contain consecutive special characters.

I have been able to reproduce the issue myself by attempting SSO sign in here:

I select our institution ‘Swansea University’ from the list (we are members of the UK Federation) and click to sign on which is when the error is displayed.

Does Gitlab require certain attributes to be released? What does it take from SSO as a username? If someone can supply this information then I can configure this as required.

Thank you,

Andrew Brown

You will have to ask the admins of that server to check the configuration if SSO is not working. Nobody here can help you with that since it’s a private Gitlab installation.

Hi Ian,

OK, thank you you - I’ll do that - thanks for the quick response.

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