Unable to pay/enroll for GitLab Certified Associate on LevelUp

Hey @khokanson , do you have any update ?
I think that several of us are waiting for a certification order and the issue has been there for months.

Yup i can confirm, team members and me are still waiting for weeks/months now.

I’m experiencing the same problem with enrolling for the GitLab Certified Associate course on LevelUp. It’s frustrating to encounter this issue. Let’s hope they can fix it soon so we can all proceed with our certifications.

I am also experiencing the same issue unable to pay, what really disappointing is this that i have been trying to contact gitlab for weeks now but they no reply whatsoever, such a shame for this company!!!

I would also be interested in knowing when the eCommerce bit becomes available.

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your patience as we finalized all our steps. I’m excited to share that eCommerce is now live on LevelUp so you should all be able to purchase certification exams. Again, really appreciate your patience and interest in our certifications.