Unable to pull 2 different projects with same users and permission

We have 2 project with the same members and permissions, on the acceptance server we can pull from project 1 without any issue. Pulling the second project however gives a permission denied. After checking all the account with permission to both projects, none of the users have the SSH key from this server assign to them, so we cannot figure out what to do / change the permissions to, so both project can be pulled on the server.

After generating a new key on the server and adding this to one of the accounts, the issue is resolved. However, we cannot use this as a solution because the key for the server is automatic reset every 24 hours by the hosting provider.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue within GitLab? I already asked the hosting provider if they can solve the issue from their side, but this is not possible

You do not generate SSH keys on the server and give them to the user. If you are doing this, then you are doing it wrong. The user should be generating their own SSH key and adding the public key part of it to their profile in Gitlab.

For more info, read the Gitlab docs for ssh keys: Use SSH keys to communicate with GitLab | GitLab

But the public SSH key from the server itself should also be added to the profile of a user assigned to the project in GitLab right? This is the part that goes wrong, no user assigned as member for this project has this public SSH key assigned to him.

No, you do not need to generate any SSH keys on the server itself. I have none on my Gitlab server at all. I generate it locally on my computer/laptop, and I use the public key part to upload in the Gitlab web interface under my profile settings.

That is why it doesn’t work for you. Each user should have their own SSH key - and they upload the public part to their profile. If you don’t do that, you cannot clone over SSH. And an SSH key should never be shared between users. They should all have their own.

I have same issue. One of friend and me working on e commerce store project and I’m asking for same user and permission. But it doesn’t work for me. Help me