Unable to upgrade to gitlab 12.6.0 on ubuntu 18.04.3 lts

When i run sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade. ubuntu is unable to upgrade gitlab-ee12.6.0

screenshot terminal: https://ibb.co/B631C0j


as it seems from your screenshot, you tried upgrading from a Gitlab version earlier than 12. If that is really the case, you first need to upgrade your Gitlab instance to Gitlab 11.

You can do this by executing this:

sudo apt-get install gitlab-ee=11.11.0-ce.0

After upgrading to Gitlab 11.11, you can resume your normal upgrade path.

In order to ensure easy upgrades, consider upgrading regularly :wink:

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Thx ill try this as soon as I get home. Normally i regurarly do sudo apt uodate and upgrade but i was switching servers and vms so that might be the reason for outdated version.