Unable to upload test report for JUnit classes having non-latin characters



I am using Free version of self-managed GitLab v16.9. Recently we tried to make use of Unit test reports feature of CI/CD for a Maven based project.

Our JUnit classes are named using non-Latin characters e.g. वार्तालाप_नियन्त्रक_परीक्षण.java. The surefire report file for such a test class will have name as TEST-b.a.c.वार्तालाप_नियन्त्रक_परीक्षण.xml.

As described here, I added appropriate configuration to .gitlab-ci.yml.

At the end of CI/CD job it tries to upload test results and following is printed in the logs.

Uploading artifacts…
module/target/surefire-reports/TEST-*.xml: found 9 matching artifact files and directories
ERROR: Uploading artifacts as “junit” to coordinator… error error=couldn’t execute POST against https://gitlab-host/api/v4/jobs/495/artifacts?artifact_format=gzip&artifact_type=junit: Post “https://gitlab-host/api/v4/jobs/495/artifacts?artifact_format=gzip&artifact_type=junit”: gzip.Write: non-Latin-1 header string id=495 token=glcbt-64

I suspect that the error encountered here is due to non-Latin name of the Junit class.

Is there a way to overcome this error?