Unit test/code coverage reports not showing in merge request, do they need to be in merge pipeline?

I have a .gitlab-ci.yml that defines multiple jobs. I have a test job that runs on commits, and a security job that runs only on merge requests.

  stage: test
  coverage: '/Line coverage: \d+(?:\.\d+)?%/'
    - dotnet tool install dotnet-reportgenerator-globaltool --tool-path tools
    - dotnet test --collect "Code Coverage;Format=cobertura" --logger junit --results-directory results
    - ./tools/reportgenerator -reports:results/*/*.cobertura.xml -reporttypes:"cobertura;textsummary" -targetdir:results
    - head -n 17 results/Summary.txt
    when: always
      junit: results/TestResults.xml
        coverage_format: cobertura
        path: results/Cobertura.xml

  stage: validate
  script: echo "valid"
    - merge_requests

The test job generates test and coverage reports to upload to gitlab, and this seems to be working as I can see them visualised when I go into the pipeline → jobs.
However, I can’t see the report widgets in merge requests. I’m not completely sure, but it looks like this is because it’s only looking for the reports in the latest pipeline, which is the merge request pipeline without the test job.

Is this right? And if so, is there a way around this without having to run a duplicate test job on the merge request pipeline?

I couldn’t find it clearly documented anywhere, but after some experimentation it does seem that reports do have to be uploaded in the merge request pipeline if used. I ended up setting a workflow like this to allow my test job to run on both the branch and merge request pipelines without duplication. GitLab CI/CD `workflow` keyword | GitLab