Unpacking backup failed


I am trying to move a self-hosted Gitlab instance, from one server to another.
Both servers are up to date, running the same Gitlab version.

I did a full backup on the old server, using:
gitlab-backup create

I moved the archive to the new server, and I am trying to restore it, using:
gitlab-backup restore BACKUP=1624721546_2021_06_26_14.0.1-ee

Unfortunatelly, restoring the backup always fails. I get the following message, almost imeddiately after I run the restore command:
Unpacking backup ... unpacking backup failed.

The backup is stored in /var/opt/gitlab/backups.
The backup file is owned by the git user, and I made sure that both the file and the directory have the correct permissions (read and execute).

Any ideas what the problem may be?


Have you tried to remove the last “-ee” part of you backup name?


yes, I just tried and it fails again with the following message:
The backup file 1624979468_2021_06_29_14.0.1_gitlab_backup.tar does not exist!

So I guess I pass the correct name, as it actually finds the file, but cannot unpack it for some reason.

Any other ideas, please?