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I’ve not followed the template as my question is a fairly simple one :slight_smile:

Is there an email list that’s issued from GitLab that is sent on availability of upgrades containing the changelog etc? I’d like to subscribe it to a service desk email so each upgrade is automatically logged as a call on our side.

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Andy McCall


maybe the blog newsletter is good for that? Or subscribing directly to the blog’s RSS feed.

Other than that, I’ve linked your question into this issue.


Right now, the best place is to subscribe to this: https://about.gitlab.com/releases/categories/releases/ @andymccall

You can also go to our main project, click the little bell icon> Custom Notifications > Click the New Release check box. This will notify you of new releases being created on the project.

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@jmeshell … and this is why I love working with you, learned something new today! Thanks :heart:



Alas, there is no filtered subscribing element. All suggestions in “Follow us” are root elements which encompass all posts.
On the other hand, we have GitLab Major Releases, which only contains major releases.
So we’re back to the issue #606, I guess. Many of us are missing a consolidated view with all the releases provided by GitLab.

The GitLab-foss project also only provides major releases in Releases · GitLab.org / GitLab FOSS · GitLab


@matm can you tell more about filtering needs? I wonder if we should add subscription options for:

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Features by Tier
  3. Removals & Deprecations

I don’t think so.
Our use case is we have an on-premise instance based on the docker-compose publiishing.
We have a sandbox which is updated every week. So we can detect any immediate high-level impact. Since we can’t reproduce all production workflows, we need to know what has been delivered which may impact our users.

Since we receive every release update, we need a matching feed. So we need 1+2+3+Security patches :slight_smile:, I guess.

I know you’re not in the same game, but every release of notepad++, either major, security or hotfix, are published in the same feed.
I give you it is more technical, since it is related to deploying and knowing what happens in the guts, but still, we are expecting it :wink:

Thanks for reading