Update to 11.7 fails with NoMethodError: undefined method 'rails5?'

I recently attempted to update my Gitlab EE from 11.6.5 to 11.7.0 (omnibus edition). Since I’m running on RHEL 7, I ran the rpm -Uvh . After the update, I get the following error on any ruby operation:

There was an error running gitlab-ctl reconfigure:

bash[migrate gitlab-rails database] (gitlab::database_migrations line 51) had an error: Mixlib::ShellOut::ShellCommandFailed: Expected process to exit with [0], but received ‘1’
---- Begin output of “bash” “/tmp/chef-script20190129-10660-14jru2e” ----
STDOUT: rake aborted!
NoMethodError: undefined method rails5?' for Gitlab:Module /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/config/initializers/active_record_array_type_casting.rb:2:in <top (required)>’
/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/config/environment.rb:6:in <top (required)>' /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/bundle:23:in load’
/opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/bundle:23:in `’
Tasks: TOP => gitlab:db:configure => environment
(See full trace by running task with --trace)
---- End output of “bash” “/tmp/chef-script20190129-10660-14jru2e” ----
Ran “bash” “/tmp/chef-script20190129-10660-14jru2e” returned 1

and gitlab does not completely start. I can’t find any reference to this problem in any of the forums, or through any regular search. What’s going on?