Updates on Opstrace Integration into GitLab - FAQ

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I have thoughts and feedback. Where can I add them?

Opstrace and GitLab Observability UI will have feedback issues in their projects. For more general thoughts and feedback, we invite you to join the discussion in our community forum.

Which version of Grafana is GitLab Observability UI based on?

GitLab Observability UI is based on the last Apache-licensed branch (7.5.x) of Grafana.

Who maintains the new UI project in the future?

The Monitor:Observability group at GitLab will maintain the GitLab Observability UI project, and we welcome any contributors interested in helping us maintain it in the future.

Will you keep in sync with Grafana upstream?

No, doing so is not in line with GitLab’s open source license strategy. However, GitLab Observability UI releases will be maintained in accordance with the GitLab release and maintenance policy.

What does this mean for GitLab users who use Grafana from Omnibus or Cloud Native charts?

GitLab still provides the Apache-licensed versions of Grafana integrated into the product. Once the GitLab Observability UI has been established, a migration path for GitLab integrations will be provided.

Grafana has an active community - what are your plans in sustaining and building a lively community?

We want to make it so that everyone can contribute. Opstrace and GitLab Observability UI are developed and maintained in the same way as GitLab. We work using public GitLab projects and issues, a handbook which includes a roadmap, and product direction, documentation, and a forum at https://forum.gitlab.com.

We anticipate that future GitLab hackathons will include Opstrace, and our Community Relations team is working closely with the Opstrace team.

How can one contribute to the new project?

We’ll be hosting the projects on GitLab.com and use our platform functionality with CI/CD, Security, etc. and integrations (e.g. Gitpod). Stay posted as they get migrated.

Will there be a CLA for contributions?

All contributions are subject to the Developer Certificate of Origin or the Corporate or Individual Contributor License Agreement. More information here.

Will the projects be Open Source?

Opstrace will comply with GitLab’s existing stewardship promises. It will be open source. We are focused on building a community of users for the Opstrace observability platform both as users of our SaaS offering and those who choose to self-manage.

What happens with Cortex as the backend for Prometheus, following the ClickHouse plans?

We will discuss backend migration plans in the issues implementing the new ClickHouse backend. Please join the conversation and contribute your ideas.

Will there be a migration path for Loki to the new Clickhouse logging solution?

We will discuss backend migration plans in the issues implementing the new ClickHouse backend. Please join the conversation and contribute your ideas.

Where can I learn more about the planned alerting features in the GitLab Observability UI?

You can follow to this issue. Please join the conversation and contribute your ideas.

Where can I learn more about Jaeger Tracing and the Clickhouse backend?

Jaeger maintains the ClickHouse integration backend, and Nicholas Parker on our team became a maintainer recently. You can follow the integration in this epic.

@dnsmichi https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/opstrace/opstrace/-/issues/1631 is not public. Update the link so that community can read as always. Fix the link if you copied and pasted from somewhere else, please.

@tnir Thanks for flagging and sorry for the delayed reply, recovering from Covid at the moment. I have verified the linked issue and made it public.

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When integration with GitLab is completed will it be possible to setup an Opstrace configuration/backend on a per-project or per-group basis? or if we have a Self-Managed GitLab instance would it be configured once for the instance?

EG: Could we have one set of projects using using Opstrace with an AWS configuration/backend and another set of projects setup using a GCP configuration/backend on the same Self-Managed GitLab instance?

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I’m looking forward to this!
Is the idea to switch the current metric tab with the new dashboard so you still have all your information in one place?

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