Upgrade from GitLab 7.9

I have the old GitLab 7.9 installed on Ubuntu 14.04 by omnibus packages. I used dpkg and deb packages.
I want to upgrade it but I’m in trouble with package name. GitLab 7.9 is named “gitlab” but new version name is “gitlab-ce”.
If I remove gitlab and install gitlab-ce I lose gitlab-ctl command (and others).
What I’m doing wrong?
Thank you.


You don’t need to remove the package. You can just update it. I hope the name of the package should not of much concern. Please find steps to upgrade. Please let us know if you are still facing the issue.

Sorry. I abandoned this task and now, after months, I have another scenario.
The old server will be discarded and GitLab will run in a new server.
So I have a GitLab 7.9.4 in the old server and a clean GitLab 8.13.5 in the new one.
How can I import settings, users, keys and repositories from one server to the other?
Thank you.