Upgrade gitlab 5.0.2 to 15.1

hello, I have just been asked to update a very old turnkey gitlab to the latest version keeping all the data. I do not know where to start, since I’m not familiar with this platform. Can you help me??

Thank you

Hi there,

I’ve provided a couple of other users some information on updating older releases in these two threads:

Those two comments should provide you with all the info you need on how to get going. If you feel anything is missing or need any clarification feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

ok, thanx.

if i have any problem, i tell you. :wink:

Where I work we recently went from Gitlab 6.X to 11.X (not using turnkey).

We gave up updating after several attempts.

The best solution was creating a new empty installation of 11.X and exporting the projects from the old 6.X. Two people transferred all ours 92 projects in 3 days.

We were using only the git repository, without the issues and other features of gitlab, so nothing was lost.

Now we update our installation on the 22nd of each month to avoid this kind of complication.