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Hi everyone, I am running gitlab enterprise server on GCP VM with version 16.6.2. I wish to upgrade it to a minor version ie. 16.10.3 but I can see so many features or deprecation has been done from 16.6 to 16.10. I can see I cannot directly move to 16.10 as I have to go with each version one by one.

As part of version upgrade doc, I can see breaking changes for Postgres and Redis and I cannot see any service running in VM. I am a bit new and I cannot see any redis or postgres installation step while following installation on GCP documentation.
Do I need to have Postgres or Redis even if my setup is for single instance, if not is there anything else breaking while performing upgrade to 16.10.3?

Current Versions : 16.6.2

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A default installation of Gitlab has postgresql and redis bundled with it. Chances are, they are running on the same server as your Gitlab VM. You can easily check that by looking at /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and see what configuration you have for postgresql and redis. If those sections are hashed out, then it means you are using the locallly provided with the Gitlab package.

You can also see if postgresql and redis processes are running on your Gitlab instance using standard Linux tools like ps.

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hi @iwalker , thanks for response. I can see the configuration for redis and postgres in file but all of them are commented.
I can see redis and postgres running in backend.