Upgrade path from 8.0.5 to 13.x

So I am looking to upgrade an ancient GitLab server we have running in AWS which has 8.0.5.

I’m aware I need to move from MySQL to PostgreSQL and that part seems ok.

What is not clear are the intermediate versions I need to step through.

ok I just saw this.

8.11.Z8. → latest 13.Y.Z

So how do I get to 8.11.Z ?

Any ideas?

It probably means install the latest 8.11 release. So if 8.11.10 is the last 8.11 release made, then upgrade to that and then the remaining versions as per the upgrade path doc: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

EDIT: 8.11.11 is the last 8.11 release. So use that package, and then go through the remaining upgrade path. Please make sure all background migrations have finished, before starting the next upgrade.

assuming that you use gitlab-ce then the above link for package downloads. Obviously make sure you have a backup to revert to the existing 8.0.5 version just in case problems are encountered.