Upgraded to 16.2.4, now gitlab won't start

  • I did an upgrade from 16.2.3 CE omnibus to 16.2.4 using the APT subsystem. Now gitlab won’t start. I have rebooted. Attempting to run sudo systemctl restart gitlab-runsvdir.service just hangs forever and I do not see any new log entries under /var/log/gitlab.
elyograg@smeagol:/var/log/gitlab$ sudo neofetch
            .-/+oossssoo+/-.               root@smeagol 
        `:+ssssssssssssssssss+:`           ------------ 
      -+ssssssssssssssssssyyssss+-         OS: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS x86_64 
    .ossssssssssssssssssdMMMNysssso.       Host: PowerEdge R720xd 
   /ssssssssssshdmmNNmmyNMMMMhssssss/      Kernel: 6.1.0-1019-oem 
  +ssssssssshmydMMMMMMMNddddyssssssss+     Uptime: 13 mins 
 /sssssssshNMMMyhhyyyyhmNMMMNhssssssss/    Packages: 4170 (dpkg), 17 (snap) 
.ssssssssdMMMNhsssssssssshNMMMdssssssss.   Shell: bash 5.1.16 
+sssshhhyNMMNyssssssssssssyNMMMysssssss+   Theme: Adwaita [GTK3] 
.ssssssssdMMMNhsssssssssshNMMMdssssssss.   Icons: Adwaita [GTK3] 
 /sssssssshNMMMyhhyyyyhdNMMMNhssssssss/    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 (48) @ 3.500GHz 
  +sssssssssdmydMMMMMMMMddddyssssssss+     GPU: 0a:00.0 Matrox Electronics Systems Ltd. G200eR2 
   /ssssssssssshdmNNNNmyNMMMMhssssss/      Memory: 10279MiB / 88511MiB 

I do not know what to try next.

If I manually run sudo /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/runsvdir-start & then everything starts up and works. But it will not work from the systemd service. I have started a screen session whose whole job is to host that manual startup command. But as soon as I reboot, gitlab will be down.

I upgraded my other server with gitlab and it worked with no problems.

So I went and found the ubuntu/jammy deb package, downloaded it, and installed it with dpkg -i … and now everything is fine.

I spoke too soon. After the package reinstall, the service start does return now, but it never actually comes up, even if I do the manual start. I have it behind haproxy, and nginx returns a 502.

I got it working. I reinstalled 16.2.3, restored the last scheduled backup, rebooted, and did the upgrade again. This time everything came up perfectly.

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