Upgrading GitLab starting from v 16.1.6

Hello all, i’m pretty new at GitLab and Linux in general.
I have a GitLab-CE v.16.1.6 installed on a Red Hat 8.6 in a production environment.

I should install the latest version of GitLab but (forgive me for my ignorance) i dont know which one to choose.
The latest blog post i’ve read talks about the releases of these versions: 16.9.1, 16.8.3, 16.7.6.
How do i determine which one is the right one for my situation?

Thank you so much for helping me!

The latest version is always the one with “highest” number (starting from left). So currently it’s 16.9.1. You can learn more about GitLab versioning and releases here.

However, you should always consider official upgrade path, as sometimes there are required upgrade stops (=releases you must upgrade to before continuing).

As you are on 16.1.6, you should consider this part:

GitLab 16: 16.0.8 (only instances with lots of users or large pipeline variables history) > 16.1.6 (instances with NPM packages in their package registry) > 16.2.9 (only instances with large pipeline variables history) > 16.3.7 > 16.7.z > latest 16.Y.Z.

In general, we have many many many topics on upgrades on the forum, so my suggestion would be to also read a bit about previous experiences and what to consider in which situation, as it also depends what kind of installation is it (linux packages, docker, k8s, etc). And also carefully study all the official documentation on upgrading.

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