Use images from local registry in DinD

My runner working on cluster without internet connection. All necessary docker images was loaded to registry on same node, where runner is working. When I trying to build container whith DinD, it is trying to pull image (that using in Dockerfile) from remote registry. But I need using image from local registry. How configure that?

runner config:


error message:

It looks like your runner is pulling openjdk:11.0.8-pre-slim in “Step 1/4” (last image at the end of the terminal output).

Is there any part of your script/docker/docker-compose pulling that image in?

I add that image to docker registry manually (on node, where runner is working). But job doesn’t see that. I need access from DinD to local node registry.

I don’t understand why are you mounting /var/run/docker.sock to containers and then using DinD?
You are not mounting your host Docker storage into your containers. So the DinD doesn’t have the images stored and must pull them.