Use Redis Exporter with external redis instance

Using the included Prometheus Redis exporter with an external redis instance

Might be a dumb/ simple question, but I recently tried to set up monitoring for my instance and didn’t find any documentation about how to use the included Prometheus exporter for redis with an external database. Everything is running smooth and the exporters for gitlab, gitaly … work as expected. But redis is showing no information and has a 0% uptime.

While other exporters, such as the included postgres exporter, document the usage for specifying an external database as entry point, the redis exporter doc page is missing them (at least the English one for 14.3pre).

Does anyone know about the required, if they exist, configuration parameters for configuring the redis exporter? Would love to use it instead of installing another tool if they’re already included and work with the Grafana instance.

Thanks for any help and answers in advance.

Instance information

Don’t know if this is actually relevant for the question but may be useful anyway.

  • Installation: Omnibus GitLab CE 14.3pre / used with external postgres and redis