Using API to find a users non-owned projects, which AREN'T part of a group?

Hi, hoping you can help (and that I haven’t missed anything too obvious!)

I’d like to use your REST API to retrieve a list of a user’s projects, including any projects they have been granted access to, but which aren’t within a group.

My use case is wanting separate lists within a UI, for projects belonging to each group (/groups/:id/projects) and user-owned projects (/users/:user_id/projects), but we have the edge case where being a Maintainer of a standalone project doesn’t really sit within either. I’d be happy if I could somehow include these in with the user-owned projects, or even in a standalone list.

If I understand correctly, when I use /users/:user_id/projects it will only return “owned” projects, and can’t include repos they have been granted Maintainer access to for example.

I can instead use /projects to retrieve all projects a user has access to, then use min_access_level to reduce the list, but there isn’t a way to distinguish between, for example, being a Maintainer of a project which sits within a group, vs being a Maintainer of a project which the user has been granted access to directly.

I’ve considered manually filtering the full set of results to match what I’d like, but then I wouldn’t be able to make use of your very useful API pagination parameters!

Any help/direction appreciated, Jack :slight_smile: