Using CI/CD components with "manual" rule

Using CI/CD components with “manual” rule

I have created a CI/CD component that encapsulates a recurring job in our pipelines. The job provided by this component should be a “manual” job in case of a merge request pipeline. I.e. it should not be executed automatically for a merge request but it is an optional “manual” job.

The configuration in the .gitlab-ci.yml file looks like:

  - component: <repo-path>/<component-name>@1.0
      stage: build
      - if: $CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE == "merge_request_event"
        when: manual

When the pipeline is triggered for a merge request, the following error message is shown:

This GitLab CI configuration is invalid: include:rule when unknown value: manual.

When I remove the ‘when: manual’ line then no error occurs.

Reading the GitLab documentation I have not found a hint that ‘manual’ is not supported/allowed here. Does anyone have tried executing manual jobs in combination with CI/CD components? Does this work in general or is it currently not supported?