Using Gitlab CI without Gitlab Git source storage

I’ve fallen in love with Gitlab CI, I think it’s a fantastic tool and pretty much everything we’ve wanted from a CI solution. Our biggest problem at the moment however is getting builds to run from our github repositories. At some point we want to move everything over to gitlab, but it’s a much higher barrier to entry to get our whole team to switch over. I see that the EE edition has repository mirroring, but even that is only hourly (not trigger based).

Can someone suggest a sane way that I can trigger from a github push, gitlab pulling in the latest for that branch and running CI?

My guess is this isn’t possible since the mirroring feature is an enterprise thing, but it would make sense to me that people might want to try out CI without having to switch their whole git storage over to gitlab at the same time.

You could always have a separate little service running on a server somewhere that polls your github stuff and clones it over to github.

github also supports hooks this could be used to trigger a gitlab API call, telling it to sync now. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem ot be supported as of right now, but theres an issue to get this implemented.

Have you tried using webhooks executing a Jenkins job to pull from github.