Using GitLab to build a more inclusive gaming community

Today on the GitLab Blog we published our interview with the Friendly Linux Players, who are using GitLab to build a more inclusive open gaming community. From the interview:

How does using GitLab help you build and serve your community?

Lanfermann: GitLab helps us embrace the ‘free software by default’ culture that many in the Linux community expect and FLiP swears by. What good is it to build our community exclusively on free software platforms and then keep the things we build ourselves a secret? With GitLab, everyone can see how FLiP is made, contribute to FLiP resources, and potentially re-use the software for their own benefit.

Hardcastle: The accessibility of GitLab as a platform is excellent, and using a platform that is well-aligned with our group’s values is nice. Being able to host the organizational tooling with public code management and allowing for member contributions and feedback is really valuable to building a community like this, where we really want to take that seriously.

Check it out!