Using package from Project A in Project B?

Hello !

I’ve put in place a CI in order to build and deploy a package in my “Project A”.
Now I want to access it from the POM in a project B.
Here is the package information:

I followed these step in my other project (B) by including the dependency in the POM.
I also created a new settings.xml with:

Inside project A’s Gitlab, I created a deploy token, used in the above settings file:

Inside the project B’s POM, I also include the repository of my projectA:

Then I run mvn install, and I got a bad:

Could not transfer artifact fr.ludissimots:server:pom:1.0.0 from/to gitlab-maven ( status code: 401, reason phrase: Unauthorized (401)

Do you have any clue, please ?

Hi again, I’m answering to myself, because I found the issue:
in the settings.xml file, the name must be “Deploy Token” instead of gitlab+deploy-token-3599814…
It was a bit confusing to me.