Using Parallel Matrix to Run Multiple Stages In Order

Wondering if their is a way to run a complete pipeline (stages in order) using the Parallel Matrix?
For example if I have a gitlab-ci.yml file with 2 stages (stage1 & stage2) and I need to run it with 3 different build configurations, I would like it to run it as such:

stage1 → stage2
stage1 → stage2
stage1 → stage2

Each of these 3 pipelines can run in parallel.

Thanks for any help!

A pipeline can have several stages.
All Jobs in a pipeline belong to a single stage.
Every job within a pipeline can be configured with parallel:matrix to run the same job in a single pipeline multiple times with different configuration.

If that’s what you want to do for running your jobs in stage1 and stage2 to run builds with different configuration it can be done in my opinion. But running complete pipelines with parallel:matrix is not possible.

PS: Some example code or a clearer description would really help to understand your use case :wink: