Using the GitLab Wiki with a Tree View

Using the GitLab Wiki with a Tree View

I installed GitLab EE (without license yet) and i am evaluating whether it is a suitable tool. Now one point that really strikes me, is that i cannot get my wiki to have a collapseable sidebar like can bee seen in GitLabs own wiki documentation:

All i can see on my wiki is a sidebar (on the right side) that lists some of the pages that i created,
but it does not reflect a hierarchy and is also not collapseable.

When i click on “edit sidebar” i get to create a blank page, so i manually
tried using the collapseable feature to rebuild my hierarchy

<summary>Sidebar 1</summary>
[sibebar 1a](sibebar%201a)<br>
[sibebar 1b](sibebar%201b)<br>
<summary>sidebar 1c</summary>
[sibebar 1ca](sibebar%201ca)<br>
[sibebar 1cb](sibebar%201cb)<br>

Now this is not only labour intensive, but it also does not work:

It looks fine in the page preview, but once it is loaded as the actual sidebar all expanded elements are
rendered on the leftmost part of the sidebar, effectively loosing all information about hierarchy.
This would make my wiki as i intend to use it unreadable.
In previous projects where we used confluence as wiki we easily had a depth of six or seven,
and people happily used it.

What am i doing wrong? How can i achieve a tree view like in the GitLab documentation?

I am used to a rather simple interface with confluence, where i can simply right-click
on any given page in the tree-view to create a sub-page. That’s it. No manual editing or anything.
Does the GitLab wiki not support this?

Thank you for your time, i hope you can help me.

As far as I am aware, the Gitlab Documentation is not the same as wiki for a project. That is why it doesn’t look the same.

Thanks for that info.
But is it possible to achieve this functionality/layout with the gitlab wiki?
If not, does anybody happen know which software the GitLab documentation is based on then?

I personally use the wiki, and I don’t see anyway to do what you wish. The wiki pages do show on the right hand side of the screen but this is also limited as to how many it will show before you have to click the button to show all articles.

From looking at the Gitlab docs and viewing the page source, I cannot see if it uses any particular software, or whether the Gitlab docs has been specifically coded that way as a one-off. From a link at the bottom of the page (View page source), it will take you here: Files · master · / GitLab · GitLab

Well, thank you a lot…at least now i know that it’s not me it’s GitLab.