Using the same file in different incarnations

Hello guys,

just recently I started working on a project using GitLab and TortoiseGit. I’m fairly new to this whole stuff so please go easy on me;)

In our project we are working on a simple game which is split up into different versions:

  • An Admin version which contains everything we have
  • A Beta version that can be seen as a trial of our game. It does not contain all of the files that are part of the Admin version but the files it contains are 100% identical.

To visualize this:
The Admin version contains file A and B, the Beta version only file B - but B is exactly the same file in both versions.

Now I have to admit that I never worked with Git before so I might not see sth. obvious here but my question is this:
Is there an (automated) possibility to update the files in the other version that has not been modified?
Say I updated file B in the Admin version. Is there a possibility to automatically push that file to the Beta as well, without the need to commit everything twice? Manually merging the branches after each update also isn’t a solution here.

Thank you very much in advance and have a nice day!