Using url-link in mermaid node description

I really love the mermaid graphs included in the gitlab markup! We would like to add links to our graphs to link to issues, milestones, wiki pages, external pages etc.

I found several ways to do this, eg using href oder the click keyword, see here:

However, it seems that securityLevel has to be set to “loose” in the mermaid configuration for this to work. In the mermaid live Editor I had to enter the following in the “mermaid configuration”-field:

  "securityLevel": "loose"

which differs a little from the syntax I found in the documentation.

It seems to me that the security level in gitlab prohibits the usage of weblinks in the graph description but I could not figure out how to adjust it. We are funning gitlab-ce 11.8.2 (b1268e9) self hosted.

Anyone has a clue?

Hey there, I know it’s super late, but if you were still interested it looks like the file you need to edit is this one: * render_mermaid.js

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This links better:

Did you ever go back and update your chart with links?

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