Variables accesible in personal repository but not in group

Hi all

I am creating a repository for my group’s code. In the group repository, which I am an owner. I created the repository and for my personal use, and I forked it to my personal account to make changes and create the CI workflow.

For this workflow I have to add some secrets as variables, which I did for my private repository and the CI workflow runs fine.

Now I have add the same variables in both repositories as a test: in my private and the group repo.

When I do a merge request from my personal repo to the group repo, the CI workflow is trying to access these variables but they are not finding them.

I have add these variables to the repository and to the group account.

My .gitlab-ci.yml is very simple. Grid_usercert I added in the variables:

printf "${GRID_USERCERT}" | base64 -d > ${HOME}/.globus/usercert.pem

This in my personal repo prints out the variable, in the group one is emtpy.

Am I missing something?

thanks for the help!