Viewing group milestones from within a project

Possibly related to Group level milestone filtering on Projects:

Why won’t group milestones show when I view milestones within a project that has no issues?

I would think that the milestones view would be a good place to look at and then maybe add issues. But until there is at least one issue within the specific project, I can’t see the group milestones while viewing milestones at a specific project.

I can’t even see milestones that HAVE issues when viewing in a project!

I’m looking at [groupname] / [projectname] /-/milestones?state=opened

And I have a group milestone that has an issue within the exact project, and that view doesn’t show the group milestone at all.

This seems crazy. Are group-milestones a broken feature? It seems there’s no way to view a list of all relevant milestones for only one project. Either view all milestones across projects in the group view or view only project milestones in the project view. I’m finding no way to view a milestone list of all milestones for which a single project has issues.

Thanks for the feedback! The current behavior of group Milestones is not broken but I agree it is not ideal. Data was originally designed to roll up a subgroup hierarchy but there wasn’t a ton of thought about how things ought to roll down. We recently released Iterations in 13.2 and are currently working on solving for this ( Once we have that in place and make a bit more progress on the Iteration report, we intend to backport the new report view (and inheritance behavior) to Milestones.

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