Wants to all commits data details in Graphql

I want to particular projects all commits details using by graphql

I have tried steps:

  • Gitlab provides graphql exploration editor for check all data fetching graphql queries (https://gitlab.com/-/graphql-explorer)
  • I have got project,repository, branches, piplines, lastCommits etc. but for all commits i didn’t see.
  • I have also tried to web api and its working

curl --header “PRIVATE-TOKEN: ACCESS_TOKEN” https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/:id/repository/commits

If you have idea to get commits details then please share with us, it really helps!

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Hi Khilendra,

I’m actually trying to figure out the same thing. Did you have any luck finding a solution that you could share? The documentation from GitLab does not come with any examples unfortunately and it doesn’t seem as if ‘commits’ are usable from within ‘repository’.


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