Webcast: KDE empowers open source community with GitLab

Join our upcoming live webcast with members of the KDE community:

Switching to GitLab helped the KDE project consolidate its toolchain and simplify its development processes. Join this roundtable discussion featuring members of the KDE community, who will share what they’ve learned about migrating project infrastructure to GitLab and building community with The One DevOps Platform.

The KDE community will helps us learn:

  • Why open source projects choose GitLab
  • How large-scale open source projects innovate with GitLab
  • How using GitLab can improve the open source contribution experience

We hope to see you there! Note that registration is required.

Additionally, the roundtable discussion could feature your questions! Want to ask our esteemed guests about using GitLab to manage one of the longest-running open source projects? Leave your questions in this thread and we’ll do our best to ask them live.


Thanks to all who attended the webcast with open source partner KDE! A recording of the webcast is now available for playback. We hope you enjoy it.

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